Sunday Times: Bible Study at 9:15am | Worship at 10:30am

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We bring people to Jesus to CONNECT them with believers and GROW them in Christlikeness so they can SERVE one another and PROCLAIM God’s grace to EXALT Christ Jesus.

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Erdie Carter - Persevering

Early in my ministry, I was a Disciple Now Leader for a group of middle schoolers. During the first night after sharing about myself, I had an eighth-grader who asked me a question that I have never forgotten. “...Read More

First, let me say, I understand your frustration. I know it has been challenging and different these past couple of months. It has been not easy for pastors and staff, either. We have missed seeing you. I dislike preaching every week to an empty room. When I am finished preaching, I don’t know what to think....Read More